Needletail & its architecture

Needletail enables you to transform intents to working solutions using a state-of-the-art lake design. Develop, deploy, run and monitor enterprise pipelines in minutes through an automatic model inference & code generation.

Multiple Data Sources

Connect and collate enterprise data from 50+ sources & databases

Bring in and store highly-diversified data in a format as close as the raw data in a central repository.

Developing A Data Lake

Generate data-processing pipeline In one click

Eliminate the upfront costs of ingestion & transformation of zettabytes of data with an automatic interface.

Analytics & Visualisation

Translate information into data-driven decisions with Tableau

Find all of your data in one place and uncover hidden insights that you might have never seen in individual reports.

Core Capabilities

Needletail provides the best of what we have to build the best of what you need

Configure, click and run. Not a line of hand written code for complex pipelines, and associated meta data, metrics and lineage.

Zero Code Development

Add a wide variety of data sources at a faster rate, in a easier to manage fashion, with repeatable processes on multiple platforms

Metadata driven

Drives productivity, ensures compliance with best practices, thereby bringing consistency in pipelines and data lakes

Model driven

Build once and run it on any platform of your choice with one time investment in time, resources and cost

Platform agnostic data processing engine

Start on-prem and be cloud ready. Brings in flexibly while selecting data lake deployment.

Supports both on-prem and cloud deployments

Run it on any cloud provider of your choice. AWS, Azure, GCP and so on

Cloud provider agnostic architecture

Know what is in your lake through a searchable data catalog. Integrate metadata repository of your choice. Out of the box integration with Apache Atlas

Persistent metadata store for all data

Accelerates technical metadata discovery and eliminates manual data analysis thereby increasing quality and decreases cost

Automatic schema discovery and model inference

Configurable data quality assessment makes data quality an intrinsic feature of pipelines developed, thereby enhancing the trust in data

Integrated data quality assessment and cleansing

Auto traceability of data from lake to source

Integrated data lineage tracking

Auto reporting of data characteristics enables assessment of data condition and its usability for various needs

Data profiling

Auto generated orchestration flows simplify and accelerate productionization of data pipelines.

Flexible job orchestration engine

Simplifies handling of complex data transformation requirements

Vast collection of data transformation building blocks

Auto validation of structural contract helps in keeping the lake clean.

Built-in schema validation support

Detailed metrics get collected at various levels of granularity help in visualization of operation performance of jobs and also in optimizing the resources allocated to support the lake.

Comprehensive metrics collection and operational monitoring

Use familiar Jupyter notebook environment to browse various project artifacts and execute jobs.

Automatic generation of Jupyter notebooks


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