Being data driven is for everyone...

pSolv's Analytic Process Automation Platform - Needletail with our Cloud Services will take you there faster.

Get actionable insights from Big Data in 3 steps

1. Ingest

Collect data in real-time from multiple channels and move it into a data lake, in its original format.

2. Standardize

With the help of powerful algorithms, quality rules & techniques, obtain simplified & enriched data.

3. Transform

Collect processed & cleansed data that is ready to be analyzed to gather valuable business insights.

Features of Needletail

Dive into the hidden insights of your data-lake with real-time analytics.

Single data-integration platform

Single data-integration platform

A centralized platform that integrates zillions of data sources using Big Data ELT (Extract, Load & Transform) that leaves no data behind.

Single data-integration platform

Data-driven pipelines in minutes

Maintenance-free data pipelines with quick set-up and straight-forward deployments that are powered by a modern & scalable platform.

Single data-integration platform

Greater visibility of your data

Needletail’s orchestration features equip you with full control & visibility of data to help monitor throughput & latency and identify errors in real-time.

Single data-integration platform

Your data lake, your choice

Plug and play with a cloud-native data lake of your choice or use our pre-configured data lake that best suits the needs of your company.

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On-board with 50+ data sources, easily

Needletail supports a wide variety of data sources like ERP, Big Data, CRM and others to foster more agile, smarter and efficient integration.

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