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Big Data - Engineering and Analytics

We can help strategize around your new or existing big data product/program/service requirements, and can collaborate on the architecture (infrastructure, pipelines, systems, processes), development and deployment of all your big data platform/service/application needs including ingestion, processing, storage and advanced data analytics.

Cloud Native - Micro Services SDLC

We can help you kickstart your cloud migration journey, by leveraging our fullstack (Infrastructure,Backing Services, Application, UI) expertise. We can help you architect new API driven micro services or re-platforming/modernizing your current web applications to loosely coupled, cloud native, 12 factor compliant services with specialization in intra service discovery/orchestration, transaction tracebility and scaling

DevOps - CI/CD/CM Automation

If you already have a big data systems or micro services running, we can help you add devops style automation while introducing continuous X (integration,delivery,monitoring) processes at scale. These processes and tools are based on our deep hands-on experience in developing, deploying and running large scale mission critical systems and are repeatable enterprise wide across multiple projects, applications,services.


Big Data EcoSystem and Analytics

Cloud Native Micro Services

High Volume B2B

Enterpise Devops and PaaS Infra

  • Big Data - Advisory and Accelerators

    • Migration to distributed storage and compute paradigm
    • Big Data Domain Mapping and ROI Calculation
    • Data Governance, Data Management
  • Microservices - Dev Cycle

    • Modernization/Replatforming of legacy web applications
    • Migration to API driven, loosely coupled services
    • Introduction of PaaS, IaaS layers in the Datacenter
  • Devops - Advisory and Automation

    • Baselining current state - People(mindset), Process and Tools
    • Planning of Program rollout and Customized training
    • Data Driven capacity and performance tuning
  • Big Data/Microservices Deployment

    • Enterprise Infra (OpenStack,Mesos)
    • Enterprise PaaS (Cloud Foundry/Docker based)
    • Public Cloud (AZURE, AWS, GCP)
    • Hybrid
  • Big Data Commons/Best Practises

    • Data Lineage (event tracking and enrichement)
    • Data Anonymization and Security (in motion and at rest)
    • ETL vs ELT, Data Lakes
  • Big Data Machine Learning/Analytics

    • Algorithm Selection
    • Domain Modelling
    • Downstream Integration
    • Visualization
  • Big Data Tech Stack/Blue Prints

    • Hadoop EcoSystem,Spark,Flink
    • Kafka,Flume,Fluentd
    • ElasticSearch,Storm
    • Impala,Drill,Druid
    • Batching, Streaming, Lambda
  • Microservice Tech Stack/Blue Prints

    • Micro Service Discovery and Orchestartion - CloudFoundry, Consul, Kubernetes
    • REST API Definition,Doc generation, Mocking
    • Load Testing - Locust, Gatling, JMeter

About Us

We are a highly skilled, cross functional, inter disciplinary team of engineers, architects and data scientists with average experience of over 10 years.


  • To establish psolv as a leading, cross vertical big data, cloud solutions provider.


  • Agile and Iterative

  • Collaborative

  • Innovative

  • Customer-Centric

  • Long term thinking

Execution Model(s)

  • Advisory

  • Proof Of Concepts

  • Prototypes

  • OpenSource Customization

  • End to End SDLC

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13111 N Central Expy, Suite 8020

+1 214 912 0809


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